Dia-Vac® Gas Diaphragm Pump Technology

Unleashing the potential of Dia-Vac® Diaphragm Pump Technology tailored to your gas sampling needs.


Dia-Vac® diaphragm pump technology transforms gas sampling applications through its innovative pump chamber design. Engineered for sample integrity, durability, and tailored performance, Dia-Vac® gas diaphragm pumps redefine excellence in various industries. Discover all the features, broad applications, and advanced technology of Dia-Vac® pumps to improve your gas transfer operations.

Dia-Vac® diaphragm pumps meticulously craft the pump chamber at their core to ensure high precision and reliability. These diaphragm pumps work tirelessly to provide high-performance gas sampling, making them ideal for a wide range of applications. Elevate your gas transfer processes and discover the exceptional advantages of Dia-Vac® diaphragm pumps for improved performance across industries.

Precise, Reliable, and Efficient Gas Sampling Solutions

Discover the excellence of Dia-Vac® gas diaphragm pump technology, meticulously crafted for precision and reliability. Our pumps redefine gas sampling solutions to suit your unique needs, offering distinctive advantages:

  • Clean and Contamination-Free Operation: Dia-Vac® pumps ensure the integrity of gas samples with an innovative pump chamber design. Drawing gases with precision, our pumps guarantee an oil-free, leak-free, and contamination-free gas sampling experience.
  • Built for Continuous Operation: Engineered with a robust drive mechanism and motor drive, Dia-Vac® pumps are built for durability and continuous use. The positive displacement pump ensures reliable performance, even in environments with aggressive chemicals.
  • Quiet and Efficient Performance: Experience optimal gas transfer with minimal noise. The smooth movement of the diaphragm in the compression chamber creates a quiet-operating pump, fostering a peaceful work environment.
  • CE Approved for Safety: Dia-Vac® pumps meet stringent safety and quality standards set by CE. 
  • Tailored and Adaptable Solutions: Explore the flexibility of Dia-Vac® pumps with customized solutions. Our pumps can handle various types of gases, adapting to the specific and challenging requirements of your application.

Dia-Vac® gas diaphragm pump technology delivers a comprehensive solution for precise, reliable, and efficient gas sampling. From a thoughtfully engineered pump chamber to a precision-driven motor, our pumps meet the highest standards of performance, ensuring exceptional results in diverse applications.

Mastering Gas Transfer: The Inner Workings of Dia-Vac® Technology

Explore the efficient operation of Dia-Vac® pumps for precise gas sampling.

  • Diaphragm Movement: : The pump has a diaphragm or membrane that moves up and down due to an eccentric rotating motor, ensuring the pump works without contaminating the sample.
  • One-Way Gas Flow: To guide the gas in the correct direction and prevent backflow, we utilize valve discs or flapper valves, ensuring accurate gas transfer.
  • Corrosion-Resistant Materials: We select materials capable of handling tough gases without damage, ensuring the pump's durability and functionality.

Here you can see how gas flows through the Dia-Vac® diaphragm pump head, only contacting corrosion-resistant parts, making Dia-Vac® pumps completely oil, leak, and contamination-free.


Applications of Dia-Vac® Pumps Across Industries

Dia-Vac® pumps find applications across diverse industries, ensuring proper and reliable operation in various scenarios, including:

  • Stack Sampling: Ideal for precise stack sampling processes in industrial settings.
  • Auto Emissions Monitoring: Ensures accurate and reliable measurement of auto emissions for regulatory compliance.
  • Process Control: Essential for maintaining gas sampling control in various industrial processes, ensuring optimal efficiency and productivity.
  • Analytical / OEM Instrumentation: Perfect for analytical instruments and original equipment manufacturers.

Dia-Vac® Diaphragm Pumps vs Conventional Pumps

Dia-Vac® Diaphragm Pump Technology offers several distinct advantages over conventional pumps, making them the ideal choice for gas sampling applications:

  • Safe Handling of Hazardous Gases: Dia-Vac® pumps safely handle dangerous and corrosive gases. Constructed with durable wetted materials, they boast a robust build that prevents leaks, ensuring a long-lasting lifespan.
  • Keeping Samples Clean: It's vital to keep gas samples clean for accurate results. Crafting Dia-Vac® pumps serves this purpose. They avoid adding oil, graphite, or any substances that could interfere with the sample. This ensures the reliability and precision of the gas measurements.
  • Leak-free: Unlike many regular pumps, Dia-Vac® pumps are leak-free. This ensures the sample stays clean, and the pump performs exceptionally every time. 

Dia-Vac® Diaphragm Pump Technology for gas sampling is an optimal solution when you need accurate and safe results. Designed to handle hazardous gases safely and reliably, these pumps stand out as the best choice.